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A Multitude Will Rise To Strike You Down (November 10, 1995)

Glory be to God in the highest heaven,
Glory be to Him who lifted my soul
from the entrails of this earth;
Glory be to the Light thrice Holy
in whose power all things came to be;
Glory be to God, invincible,
incomparable in His Authority;
Glory be to the Immortal One
in whom we find immortality;
May Your Breath, Most Holy One,
which is pure emanation of Your Glory,
enliven us, renewing us into one glorious Body.


My child, listen: those who treat you ruthlessly today will have to face Me one day and give Me their accounts .... they will not venture to say then: "what have we done wrong?" because I shall show them the impressive wounds their arrogance did to My Body, and according to the scourge I receive daily from them will I sentence them .... they will be given ten times the amount;

My child, likeness to My Image, you are indeed the most tormented messenger on earth, but also the most privileged; I have privileged you with My Thorned Crown, My Nails and My Cross; I have raised you to be My powerful Sign of rejection; the rejection of My Love .... ah, so many of you are locked in the same sleep ....

- listen, Vassula, I will tell you a small secret: in these days of ordeal for you, I have attracted many souls to My Heart and I have also liberated many souls from purgatory who were bound for many years! see? nothing goes in vain; ah! My Heart is like on fire now, for through your sufferings I can do great things!

My children are not expiating as I want them to, so on you My Eyes fell, knowing that you will not refuse your Saviour’s supplications and that you will allow yourself to be crushed by those who cry out for justice and peace yet do just the opposite;

let the whole world now rejoice and believe they have conquered ’bitter plague’, let them believe they have silenced you; yes, a multitude will rise to strike you down, as a multitude had risen to strike Me down and have Me crucified; many false witnesses will appear in the last minute testifying falsely on you, as so many rose to testify falsely on your Saviour; indeed, they will violently press their accusations on innocent blood, see?

what they have done to Me will be done to you but within the measure your soul can take; mockery will continue by trumpeting low and high that you are a false prophet, as when My guards mocked Me by beating Me, blindfolding Me then striking Me in turn and asking Me: "play the prophet, who hit you?" you will appear as the loser before the eyes of the world, as I, your Lord, appeared on My Cross; all these things will come on your way so that the Father’s words be accomplished;

- I am the Resurrection and I will raise up all that I have written through your hand, so that everyone may believe that ’True Life in God’ was not written by flesh but by the Spirit of Grace; darkness and distress should not be felt by you, for I have hidden you into My Sacred Heart; - My little soul, let My Majestic Voice be heard and do not be frightened by the noise there is around you; My Father’s Lips brim with fury for the unrepentant sinners and His anger will be displayed by a glare of a devouring fire; why, He announced it not long ago, by your Mother, to Akita’s[1] messenger;[2] in the end, the earth will open its ears and heart so that salvation springs up, and I will triumph together with the Immaculate Heart of your and My Mother;

- vessel of My agonies, I will give you enough strength to accomplish your mission with dignity that will glorify Me; My Love for you covers you so do not fear, ’lo tedhal’ ....

I, Jesus Christ, am with you now and always;

[1] In Japan

[2] Sister Agnes