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Accusation of being a Trojan Horse for the New Age
New Age?

She was dumbfounded by this accusation. In an interview with L’informateur Catholique (April 2, 1992), she answers:

I combat the New Age. How could I be part of it? The New Age means no Eucharist, no rosary, no Pope. And what is it that the messages say? The Pope is the Vicar of Jesus Christ, the rosary is what Satan will be chained up with, and the Eucharist is the life of the Church. This is repeated a thousand times in the messages.

In fact, the comparison with the New Age reveals all sorts of artificial connections between certain themes of the New Age and certain words that are seized upon here and there in the messages of Vassula. The main grounds for these accusations are:

– "All is spiritual", Jesus says according to Vassula. This text talks about the presence of Christ by grace. This presence "is not something physical. So it cannot be explained physically."

This is quite true and important.

– "The Lord is Spirit", says the Apostle in 2 Cor. 3:17-18.
– "The flesh is useless, it is the Spirit that gives life", says Jesus in John 6:63.

On the other hand, in the messages of Vassula one finds the word "era" three times:

– "Oh, how I long now for this New Era", says Jesus (December 20, 1988).

Some have remarked: "The Age of Aquarius." But in doing this, they forget the words just before this that have nothing to do with astrology but are exclusively concerned with the reign of Christ who is speaking about unity.

"Love is missing among you... I will unite you! I will turn this wilderness into a lake and the dry ground into a water spring. Then I shall place you all in this New Earth..." (December 20, 1988)

This is the "new heaven" and the "new earth" about which the Apocalypse speaks (Rev. 21:2). The works that follow immediately afterwards explain most clearly that it is about the reign of Chirst.

My Kingdom on earth shall be as it is in heaven. My reign shall come Oh! How I long now for this New Era! (December 20, 1988)

In L’Informateur Catholique of April 12 and 25, 1992, Evelyne Bouchard tells of the conversion, through Vassula, of a young man who had been involved for four years in the New Age movement. It was by reading Vassula that he realized the depth of the Catholic teaching that he had been rejecting. The spirituality of the New Age then seemed insignificant. He converted to Christian truth.

The accusers then have everything backwards!

The Body of Christ

Vassula has also been accused of having said in one of her conferences that Jesus does not have a physical body, but rather that he is spirit. What she says is simply what the Apostle Paul says in 1 Cor. 15:44-45. "The risen bodies are not ’earthly’ bodies, but ’heavenly’. One sows the animal body and rises up as a spiritual body." What is being spoken of is the glorification of the body by life in God. Vassula speaks here according to her own experience.

– "I do not see Jesus with my eyes. I cannot touch him. It is at a completely other level. But I never denied that he has a glorified Body", she wrote me.

On December 4, 1986, Jesus said to her:

– "Remember you are spirit and I am also Spirit and Holy. I live in you, and you in Me."
– "I never denied that I have a body and that he has a glorified Body", remarked Vassula.
Original Sin

The same opponent attacks a particular viewpoint that he says Vassula mentioned in a conference: the soul, at the time of its creation, saw God for an instant before being united with the body. This would explain its longing for God. This opinion does not contradict the doctrine of original sin.

I have only found a quick mention of this idea in a message of September 15, 1991. What is being discussed here is not truly the pre-existence of the soul. Rather it speaks of the initial contact of the soul with God at the instant of its creation. Normally this occurs as it is being united with the body. Under this form it is one of those freely held opinions that there are in theology and which each persone judges for himself. It does not contradict the doctrine of original sin, of which Vassula has spoken on several occasions.

The opinion that is attacked here expresses, by an image, the orientation toward the Creator that is implicit in the creation. The soul is marked by the imprint of its Creator: it is in his image. According to Blondel and a number of theologians, it is that which explains the irrepressible attraction for the infinite that we find in man and which is one of the proofs for the existence of God. The viewpoint in this image proposed by Vassula touches, therefore, a profound and classic opinion.

Read the answer of Vassula regarding this last argument: click here.

(Excerpt of R. Laurentin, When God Gives a Sign. Trinitas. 47-50.)

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