Thursday 30 May 2024
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One could expect God to know how to write in English!

It is often objected that if one looks at the True Life in God messages in their handwritten form, they are littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes. If the messages truly came from God, it is argued, then they would be free of any spelling or grammatical mistakes. One could expect God to know how to write in English!

The response is pretty obvious: God is not writing the messages. He is giving His messages to Vassula Ryden, who is then writing them down. The spelling and grammatical mistakes are Vassula’s. Vassula would be the first to admit that while English is her first language – having been brought up as a child in Egypt when Britain still possessed a great deal of influence there – her English is not perfect, with the result that she frequently makes mistakes of spelling and grammar in writing down the messages.

My Lord, do let me understand why there are spelling mistakes?
Vassula, these are your own, not Mine; I have chosen you because you are imperfect and with many weaknesses; I, God, choose My instruments weak because My Power is at its best in weakness;
Yet, You do now and then give me new words unknown to me.
I do, when the need comes; I have you under dictation and it is wrong to believe that this is My handwriting;
Why, then, the difference of writing, Lord?
I like it this way; I use My instruments as they are with all their imperfections and all their weaknesses to dictate to them My Knowledge and to feed them and others My Word;
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