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"The Holy Spirit will remind you of all I have said to you" (cf John 14:26)

It is sometimes argued – particularly by elements within the Orthodox Church – that the True Life in God messages cannot be authentic, because God’s revelation to the world ended with the death of the last disciple, John, the author of the Book of Revelation. Biblical support for this view is thought to be provided by Revelation 22:18, which says ‘This is my solemn warning to all who hear the prophecies in this book: if anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him every plague mentioned in the book.’

The response to this objection is very simple. Yes: God’s Revelation did end with the death of John, but God has continued repeating that Revelation to the world through his prophets in every generation since John.

(Vassula) Lord, there are some ministers who refuse to hear or believe that You can manifest Yourself like this, through me. They say that You, Jesus, have brought us all The Truth and they need nothing else but the Holy Bible. In other words, all these works are false.
(Jesus) I have said to you all that the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My Name, will teach you everything and remind you of all I have said to you; (cf John 14:26) I am not giving you any new doctrine, I am only reminding you of The Truth and leading those who wandered astray, back to the complete Truth; I, the Lord, will keep stirring you up with Reminders and My Holy Spirit, the Advocate, will always be among you as the Reminder of My Word; so do not be astonished when My Holy Spirit speaks to you; these reminders are given by My Grace to convert you and to remind you of My Ways;
The Catholic Church has acknowledged as saints many people who have claimed to have received messages from God and told others what He has told them: for example, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Birgitta of Sweden, and Saint Faustina. The Anglican Church reveres Julian of Norwich, who received a series of visions from God in 1372.

So the Christian Church accepts that God did not stop speaking to us after the Book of Revelation was written, but has continued speaking to us through His prophets to this day to restate the truths of Scripture. And that is what He is doing through Vassula Ryden.

(Vassula) Lord, those who refuse all private revelations have as an argument that the only True Revelation is the Holy Bible. This we all know, but what do You say, my Lord?
(Jesus) the Holy Bible is indeed The Truth, the True Revelation, but I have not ceased to exist; look, I am The Word and I am active in Spirit; My Advocate is with you all, the Spirit of Truth that many tend to forget or ignore, for all that the Spirit tells you is taken from what is Mine; He is the Reminder of My Word, the Inspiration of your mind; this is why, My child, I am continually recalling you the same Truths; understand the reasons why I constantly am stirring you up with The Reminder; accept My Holy Spirit of Truth; I come to remind you of My Word, I come to call you to repent before My Day comes;

child, evangelise with love for Love, beside you I am, never fear; ecclesia will revive, since Love is the Root of the Tree of Life and is among you; I shall feed this dying generation with the Fruit of My Tree, placing It directly into their mouths; allow Me to use you as My tablet; eat from Me; come, we, us?

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