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You Have Been Sold By One Of My Own (October 25, 1995)

peace be with you! I am with you; see how my predictions come true?

flower-of-My-Heart, flame-of-My-Eyes; your mission will be accomplished only when I will allow them to crucify you; now you are travelling by a rough road but I am with you; take courage and do not lose the Peace I have given you; I had told you that the Father had traced for you a road similar to Mine; what I had succumbed you would succumb too but all would be in accordance and to the measure of your strength;

today as you see, you have been sold by one of My Own; precious one, your own people have betrayed innocent blood .... you were handed over by one of your own[1] to the Romans so that they condemn you and then .... be crucified; Vassula, you yourself keep My silence,[2] you have enough witnesses who could defend you; the faithful will remain faithful; your clothes, My child, will roll in your blood, and this, too, will be the evidence that you come from Me; you were born for this and your acceptance delights Me because through your sufferings I will save many; through your torments I will be setting light inside My Church, giving birth to a renewal in My Holy Spirit thrice Holy;

in the meantime while your oppressors will be rejoicing, My seventh angel will empty his bowl into the air, igniting the whole atmosphere into fire[3] ... Vassiliki, look at Me, in the Eyes[4] .... you will promise Me, if you love Me, to forgive them all, it may sound illogical to many but you are My follower, are you not?

Yes, Lord.

copy then your Master; for in the end I shall triumph .... till this moment they are failing to understand that this Message comes from Me[5] ....

I thank You, my Lord,
for all that You are doing for me,
I love You even more!

My dove, your Saviour loves you and blesses you; ic;

[1] Christ made me understand who.

[2] I should not defend myself.

[3] A reminder of Akita’s message in Japan.

[4] I did and I melted.

[5] Jesus was speaking like to Himself, in a lower voice.

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