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Do Not Defend Yourself (November 15, 1995)

Scriptures say:

"the ear is a judge of speeches,

just as the palate can tell one food from another."[1]


How is it they have not discovered Your Speech,

how is it that Your Food was not appreciated or tasty for them?

How is it that Scriptures are rejected in my case?

When the Jews accused You, Jesus,

and did not believe You were sent by God,

and that You are God’s Son and God Yourself,

You said to them:

"I have done many good works for you to see,

works from my Father;

for which of these are you stoning me? ....

If I am not doing My Father’s work,

there is no need to believe Me;

but if I am doing it, then even if you refuse to believe in me,

at least believe in the work I do."

Why then, Lord, do they not look at the works done in Your Name,

are these not my witness?

peace be with you; Love is with you; can you obey Me to the letter? I wish that this trial will not cause you to lose My Peace;

I am the Author of this Message, so do not give up; I will rescue you; am I not allowed to test you and all the others? am I not allowed to strengthen you through trials? (Vassula, I will send you an angel to console you ....) you call out to Me: "Lord, I am badly wounded," but, Vassula, so am I .... you cry out: "Lord, I am brutally treated," and I am telling you, but so am I;

- My chosen one has been struck from inside My House and this was so that what the Father had said to you, would be accomplished .... and now I tell you, if any sacerdotal soul declares openly himself for Me[2] in the presence of the world, I will too, when the time comes, declare Myself for him in the presence of My Father!

- and to you I tell you: do not defend yourself! let those who heard you, testify now and openly declare the truth; but the devil will silence some of them by sending them a dumb spirit; they will hide the lamp I have given them and will hide in darkness so as not to be seen, by calling this darkness: "prudence"; ic;

[1] Jb. 34:3

[2] Jesus talks about His Message

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