Monday 15 July 2024
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Those who approach the messages sincerely will realise that God is talking to them

Perhaps understandably, Vassula Ryden’s critics take strong exception to a message of September 28, 2000, which says:

when adversity came, I came to rescue, but no one truly, from the officials of the Church, listened; “it is only a private revelation, you need not lend your ear to it;” they would say; to conceal My Voice is a mortal sin; to sift Me through and through and scan Me is an abhorrent sin in My Eyes; will your incredulity say one day: “but look, we did not know; we did not know that we offended Your Mercy;” indeed you have offended My Mercy; not only have you offended My Mercy but you have allowed the evil powers to gain ground and despoil the House My Son bought with His Precious Blood, because of your incredulity; and how! how ingeniously you get round My Words in order to justify your incredulity!
They argue that God would not condemn those who honestly and sincerely question the authenticity of the True Life in God messages. Perhaps the key to understanding the message of September 28, 2000 is a message of Message of December 23, 1987 where Jesus says, ‘...if they are sincere...they will listen’. Those who approach the messages sincerely, with an open mind and honest desire to listen to God if it is God talking to them, will realise that God is talking to them through the True Life in God messages. After all, as we said at the start of this website, the only rational explanation of the origin of the True Life in God messages is that they come from God.

But too often, people approach the messages in a negative spirit, wanting to prove to themselves or others that the messages are inauthentic. They pick through the messages – or scan them – for bits and pieces that they can use to show that the messages are inauthentic, and as soon as they have extracted what they need to establish (to their own satisfaction) that the messages are inauthentic, they leave the messages aside and don’t touch them again. They never genuinely read the messages through from start to finish with an open heart. Indeed, there are occasions when people condemn the messages without having read or seen them at all, but simply react on the basis of hearsay or prejudice against the possibility that God could be talking to us today through someone like Vassula Ryden. Is this not a sin? To take something that might be God’s Work, to judge that it is not God’s Work not on the basis of having read the work sincerely and with an open heart, but because you have already made up your mind that it is not God’s Work, and then to put other people off reading that work by condemning it to them? Can God really come to a favourable judgment about such a person? Will He not say, as He did to the scribes and Pharisees: ‘Woe to hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces. Nor will you let those enter who are trying to’ (Matthew 23:13).

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