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Answer to Question 5: TLIG as movement?
Question 5

What is the real identity of the TLIG movement and what does it require of its followers? How is it structured?


True Life in God is not a movement but an apostolic call

True Life in God is not a movement, nor has it got an office. It is simply a calling for reconciliation and unity for everybody, no matter who they are. The calling does not apply only to Christians, but it has drawn inside it non-Christians as well to become Christians. After reading the inspired writings of True Life in God, several Jews, Moslems, Buddhists and Hindus have been baptized, although its spirituality is a Trinitarian contemplative spirituality and totally imbued in Christianity. Christ had prayed to the Father for this and said: "I pray not only for these but also for those who through their teaching will come to believe in me." (Jn 17:20) So through grace, God is opening many doors. For instance, from the very beginning I was told that this apostolic work would happen.

God will give you his peace and His strength when the time comes to show the messages. God will want you to give the messages to everyone... (My angel speaking 06.08.1986). You need not fear. You will be working for Jesus Christ. You will be helping others to grow spiritually... (My angel 07.08.1986). When you will be filled with My Holy Spirit you will be able to guide others to Me and you shall multiply... (Jesus speaking 05.09.1986) By calling you in this way I mean to conduct others too, for all those who abandoned Me and do not hear Me, because of these reasons this call is in written form... (The Father 18.11.1986).

The Hiroshima Buddhist monks too got to know of the messages and invited me to speak in their temple. The Catholic Bishop was there as well. It was the memorial day of the atomic bomb. They were presented with a totally Christian message; then I offered them, an enormous Rosary to hang on the wall for their meditation and a statue of our Lady of Fatima which they placed in their yard.

Jews who read the True Life in God messages, asked for baptism and one of them translated the first volume of True Life in God in Hebrew. It is now at the publishers to be published. They all live in Israel.

Recently, Bangladesh wanted me to address the people in Dhaka in an open field. They invited an Imam from the mosque who accepted their invitation to open the meeting with a prayer and many Moslems were there. There were Hindus and Buddhist representatives and Catholic priests as well. The message again was totally Christian (taken from the inspired writings of True Life in God). The central and essential message that I gave was to reveal God as Love, to make peace with God and neighbour, to reconcile and to learn to respect one another. After the meeting was over though, two Moslem men wanted to become Christians and get baptized. "I want all the nations to hear My Words. I will instruct you and tell you the way to go..." (10.01.1987)

Contemplative teachings

The inspired writings teach the readers to know God and understand Him. Many people believe in God but do not know God, so it encourages us to have an intimate relationship with God, which leads us to unitive life with Him. United thus through the Holy Spirit, in Christ, the faithful are bidden to live one and the same life, the Christ-life.

Scriptures say: "Let the sage boast no more of his wisdom, nor the valiant of his valour, nor the rich man of his riches! But if anyone wants to boast, let him boast of this: of understanding and knowing me". (Jr 9:22-23)

Formation of prayer groups

The writings of "True Life in God" teach us to practice the simple prayer of the heart and to turn our lives into an unceasing prayer, which is to live perpetually in God and God in us. But it has a strong call to forming prayer groups as well, all around the world. Since people in over 60 countries arranged meetings that I testify, in all these countries now prayer groups have been formed. There are several in each country. For instance, in France, there are 48 ecumenical prayer groups inspired by the spirituality of True Life in God. In Brazil which is a bigger country, there are more than 300 ecumenical prayer groups. Every prayer group, whether the Christians are Orthodox or Lutherans or Anglicans or Baptists, they all start with the Rosary together.

"How I long for this day! The day when I will send you to all mankind, they will learn to love Me and understand me more; Wisdom will share her resources with all mankind..." (Jesus speaking January 25, 1987).

Faithfulness to the teachings of the church stimulated

In reading the writings one learns how to remain faithful to the church. I tell people, "even if they throw you out of the church, climb from the window but never leave the church." They teach us to visit the Blessed Sacrament and be with Jesus in adoration. They teach us to follow the Sacraments of the church and to keep the Tradition, to learn self-denial, penance, fasting and practice especially the Sacrament of confession. They draw us to be eager to attend Holy Mass if possible daily. They explain to us the importance of the Eucharist.

Through this Communion I sanctify all who receive Me, deifying them to become the flesh of My flesh, the bone of My bone. By partaking Me, I who am divine, you and I become one single body, spiritually united; we become kin, for I can turn you into gods by participation. Through My divinity I deify men...

Activities : Charity houses run by the readers

Back in 1997, after I had been given by grace a vision of our Blessed Mother, while standing outside the Nativity Place in Bethlehem, I heard her say that spiritual food does not suffice, but that one has to think of the poor and nourish them as well. So immediately when I announced this to our prayer groups, many volunteered to assist me in opening charity houses to feed the poor. They are called "Beth Myriams". There is one in Bangladesh, four in Venezuela, three in Brazil, two in the Philippines, one orphanage in Kenya and soon one will open in Puerto Rico, one in India, one in Romania and one orphanage in Ukraine. I am enclosing some information on this (Attachment 2). All the work done is on volunteer basis. The Beth Myriam’s are functioning only by donations. They are all local initiatives, local houses without any structure linking them. They are self-supported and the same people (the prayer groups) are the ones who run them and take the task to serve the poor themselves. They are progressing not only to feed the poor, but to give them as well medical services, clothes and education for the children. Lastly, they are run in a constant spirit of prayer, and they are always ecumenical in nature.

Establish our Beth Myriams everywhere you can. Lift the oppressed and help the orphan, protect Me, rescue Me from the gutter, shelter Me and feed Me, unload my burden and fatigue, support me and encourage me; all that you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to me... I bless the supporters of My life, may they remain virtuous and all-loving, I am with you...

Calling to evangelisation

Some of the readers of True Life in God who were touched feel that they can become witnesses across the world to contribute to spread the Good News. Having become the docile instruments of the Holy Spirit who provides them with the grace of the word and the sense of the faith, they are capable now to go and witness around the world inviting people to a life of prayer and teaching them to form prayer groups. The aim is to bring them to change their lives and live their life as an unceasing prayer. A few from the prayer group in Dhaka go out in the villages (to Moslems) and read out to them the messages. Many believe and want to become Christians.

I want to make out of each one a Living Torch of Love’s Furnace. Honour Me now and evangelize with love, for love

Devotion to the Virgin Mary

True Life in God brings us to become the child of the Mother of God since Her Immaculate Heart is never separated from the Sacred Heart of Jesus but is in perfect union with His. Our Mother is our support and we know it. Any one who joins the prayer groups, may they be Protestants, Calvinists or others, all are taught to honour our Lady, our saints, and pray to them.

Have you not noticed how My Heart melts and favours always Her Heart? How can this Heart who bore your King be denied anything She asks from Me? All the faithful bless Her Heart for in blessing Her Heart you will be blessing Me

True Life in God Associations

If in some countries there are Associations of TLIG it is for legal purposes only, in connection with supporting this work of evangelisation and publishing the books. If we have founded associations in certain countries it was just to obey to local laws. Just to mention one example: opening a post office box in connection with the name of TLIG. But I have never thought of forming a movement. The books are translated in 38 languages and I have received no royalties from any except from PARVIS publication as the editor said it is in his rules. This money goes for the charity works, for covering costs for books and for travel expenses to witness in third world countries that do not have the means.

Other activities

Every two years, volunteers of the prayer groups volunteer to help me put up an international symposium on ecumenism. At the same time we have it as a pilgrimage. Till now four of these have been done. The largest we had was in the year 2000 in the Holy Land (while the Holy Father was there), where 450 people came from 58 countries. There were with us 75 clergy from 12 different churches. This year we are trying to do it in Egypt.

All in all, I love the House of the Lord and above all I love God. I am in debt to Him for the graces that He has given me. He once told me: "I have given you freely, so freely give." So this is what I am trying to do; I transmit His Words freely to whosoever wants to listen.

I thank you again for allowing me to shed light on the questions with regard to my writings and my activities. On the web-site you will find more information. I kindly ask you to greet from my part H.E. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, H.E. Mons. Tarcisio Bertone and Mons. Gianfranco Girotti, as well as Their Excellencies from the Consulta of the Congregation for the Doctrine for the Faith, thanking them again for granting me this occasion of explaining my work. I hope I have done this in the expected way. I am but willing to answer orally or in written form to any more questions you may have. And I am ready to accept any suggestions you might make to clarify certain expression contained in the TLIG books. If necessary I can add such clarifications in the new editions of my books. With this, I send my heartfelt compliments and most cordial wishes and greetings,

Yours sincerely in Christ,

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