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Reasons for omissions and blank pages in TLIG. Question Answered by Vassula

Followers of the True Life in God messages often have questions which they would like answered. The most frequently received questions are below and I will attempt to answer them as best I can:-

Why are passages of text deleted?
Why are some words changed and corrected?
Why are passages of text deleted

On 5th March 1987, approximately 16 months after I started to receive the messages, God said to me:
"SUMMARIZE everything I gave you, correcting them as I will instruct you, completing My Messages. Will you do this for Me Vassula? Vassula, I am sending you someone whom I will enlighten (Fr O’Carroll obviously). When everything is assembled and put in order, I God, will seal it with My Own Hand." [Volume I, Trinitas, p.50. Handwritten notebook no.8, p.48-49]

With regard to this, one might say, "how is it possible that God can regret certain things He said and even come to alter them?" And yet He can, He can because of the wickedness and spite of man on earth. Have you not read in Scriptures: "Yahweh saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that the thoughts in his heart fashioned nothing but wickedness all day long. Yahweh REGRETTED having made man on the earth, and his heart grieved. `I will rid the earth’s face of man, my own creation,’ Yahweh said `and animals also, reptiles too, and the birds of heaven; for I REGRET HAVING MADE THEM’" (Gn 6:5-7).

In the particular case below the text was open to misinterpretation and therefore for the sake of clarity God gave me a sign to slightly change the wording. [Ref: Volume II, Trinitas, again, p.112 and p.113, Handwritten notebook no.23, p.51-52]

"Peter! O Peter recognize the End of Times, how is it that most of you cannot tell the Times? Shadowed by Satan under his wings, Satan has digressed many of you from the Truth! Take My Hand Peter, and I will guide you; hear My cry, assemble your Eastern brothers, call them to meet Me under My roof, assemble your Eastern brothers into My Foundation, call them before Me. How I desire this unity!..."

When Christ dictates to me the messages, only I would know, since I am the receiver, when He talks to all of us, or when He talks to a certain person or if He switches from having talked to one particular person on to another or all of us. The same thing might happen if, eg, the Eternal Father speaks to me, then stops and the Son takes over to tell me something else. But usually in the latter, they introduce themselves in the beginning or the message is so clear that anyone could tell who is who.
Coming back to the above passage that I changed so that I am not misunderstood, this was how it read:

"Peter! O Peter recognize the End of Times, how is it that most of you cannot tell the Times? Shadowed by Satan under his wings, O come Peter! Take My Hand; Satan has digressed you from the Truth! Take My Hand and I will guide you, hear My cry, assemble your Eastern brothers into My Foundation..." etc...

Here I will note, had I left it as it is when Jesus was speaking to the Pope and when Jesus was speaking to all of us, one might have misinterpreted this passage saying that Jesus is blaming the Pope, but normally no one should have misunderstood it since from the beginning Jesus asks us to honour Peter. Here below I will put in capital letters the parts concerning the Pope. The rest in normal letters will be when Jesus spoke to us. This is the original again:

"PETER! O PETER RECOGNIZE THE END OF TIMES." (Then Jesus turns to the world and says). "How is it that most of you cannot tell the Times?" (Christ’s voice drops here when He says to the world:) "Shadowed by Satan under his wings..." (then there was a pause here before Jesus cried out again). "O COME PETER! TAKE MY HAND." (Jesus had paused here again. The semi-colon represents a stop, notice there are no full-stops in the original handwritten version of True Life in God, just like in the Old Testament in Hebrew, no stop or capital letters were used, which is rather significant and interesting too since it is the living Word of God and God is the Alpha and the Omega - the Beginning and the End. Then Jesus said to us:) "Satan has digressed you from the Truth!" (Again turning to Peter He said) "TAKE MY HAND AND I WILL GUIDE YOU, HEAR MY CRY, ASSEMBLE YOUR EASTERN BROTHERS INTO MY FOUNDATION...etc"

We can always tell when Jesus started to say "Peter? O Peter recognize the End of Times," that He was talking to Peter (the Pope), and it is by what follows that is very important because we can see that Christ was turning to speak to us too, since He said: "How is it that MOST OF YOU cannot tell the Times?"

Many of the passages are to be taken metaphorically, not literally, but God knew that in our weakness and hardness of heart, we were bound to misinterpret His Word and He REGRETTED it. When Jesus said "Destroy this Temple, and I will raise it up again in three days" the Pharisees took him literally which was of course a total misrepresentation. In the same way, when Jesus speaks in metaphors in True Life in God one must look for the deeper meaning of the message - this is why I was instructed by God to delete certain passages for He "saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that the thoughts in his heart fashioned nothing but wickedness all day long." (Gn 6:5)

Deleted Passages of Text

There were a number of reasons for deletion of certain passages:

a. Some of them were deleted under instruction from God.

b. Most that I had deleted were tasks I had to accomplish.

c. Some of the passages were personal messages for individuals.

Most of the passages I had deleted were things that I had to accomplish and MOST OF THEM NOW HAVE BEEN ACCOMPLISHED. Many of the deleted passages were instructions to go and HAND OVER to the Pope the Messages by my own hand. Some of these passages were regarding Garabandal and the children - these HAVE been accomplished too. One particular passage which was deleted made reference to the Greek Orthodox and Anglicans saying the Stations of the Cross with John Paul II - this has been partly accomplished. Firstly, I will deal with the deleted passages concerning Garabandal.


Our Blessed Mother was asking me to go to Garabandal and bless the sites where She had appeared and pray over there. This has already been accomplished again in a very simple way. Then Jesus had asked me to meet the children. He had asked me to bless them. I never looked for them or "panicked" not knowing their whereabouts, because God had already taught me how He works. He asks for something quite impossible in anyone’s capacity, He expects you to trust Him and lean on Him entirely, then He lays out Himself the way for you to accomplish in peace what He had asked, so long as our spirit is one with His Spirit, every detail He asks is fulfilled. And so I have met Conchita the main seer and talked to the others by phone. Someone had arranged everything for me while I was in the States and Conchita wanted to meet me. This too has been accomplished without me trying. I was invited to go.

Secondly, I will deal with the numerous deleted passages referring to the Pope.

Pope John Paul II

The way we were invited to enter the Vatican and meet the Pope on the 6th November 1993, is very important, for it reminded me of the prophecies I deleted in my books. God did not want me to go in a pompous way, with special invitations from high authorities. This is why several times, in the deleted passages He calls me "barefoot messenger," and that I should go to Peter "barefoot," which of course if we know the biblical terms, it means "simple and poor." When God tells me in these deleted passages that I should bend and "wash Peter’s feet" which of course is symbolic (although I had not understood what God meant immediately, just like St Francis was asked to rebuild the Church and he took this literally and went and laid brick upon brick reconstructing a church in ruins), I in the beginning had problems to grasp the deeper meanings. I understood later, that since I am an Orthodox, I represent in a way the Orthodoxy. God wanted in this way to tell us, that the Orthodox (our patriarch of Constantinople) ought to give Peter a return gesture of humility, this gesture of washing his feet, a return to what Pope Paul VI did to the Patriarch Athenagoras. Pope Paul VI had bent humbly and kissed Athenagoras’ feet. They were two giants of Unity.

When God said, "Hand over My Message to My beloved servant John Paul II" He was referring to the True Life in God messages and this I was able to do at that November visit when I personally handed him books in four different languages (three of which were in Polish).

And now here are the passages concerning the Pope that were deleted but have now been fully accomplished:

1. Volume II, Trinitas, p.2. Handwritten notebook no.17, p.4-5:

"...You will enter My Domain barefoot, Vassula, now you have given me a vow, every vow is kept. Little one will you do this for Me? From thereon remain barefoot for Me, be My barefoot bearer..."

Volume II, Trinitas, p.3. Handwritten notebook no.17, p.8-12. This message regards the same thing.

2. Volume II, Trinitas, p.24. Handwritten notebook no.18, p.33-34 AND Volume II, Trinitas, p.35. Handwritten notebook no.19, p.10-11:
"...Hand over My Message to My beloved servant John Paul II, have My Peace..." Just before that, on page 33 of notebook, I deleted a private message to Beatrice.

3. Volume II, Trinitas, p.25. Handwritten notebook no.18, p.37-38:

"...and into your House you will receive a barefoot messenger, and the mighty shall wait for you. You will strip them (the freemasons that infiltrated into the Church, enemies of the Pope), from their weapons, disarming them, beseeching you. My Messenger will also speak for you, (the Pope), yours will be the voyage of courage, the great challenge. Vassula, My messenger, you will hand over My Message to My well beloved John Paul, he will recognize you, (he seemed to know about me since others before me had handed in to him my books, and especially when we met later on Cardinal Sodano, because when they introduced me to him he seemed to have already heard of me) when you will enter My House, let us be together entering My House." (And I asked: "Jesus will you arrange it?" And Jesus answered: "I will, Vassula").

4. Volume II, Trinitas, p.26. Handwritten notebook no.18, p.40 and p.41:

"...You are to be My barefoot messenger, keeping faithfully your vow, remembering My instructions. You are to enter My domain humbly, reminding them that I am a humble God who will bend in front of My servant’s feet and wash them. This will be My example, I the Lord will bend. Yes, little one they will have to bend to unite. I will be coming humbly (that means to give His message), barefooted. I am not coming loaded with weapons..." (meaning that the message is not loaded with inflexible statements and arguments and menaces).

5. Volume II, Trinitas, p.48-49. Handwritten notebook no.19, p.63-64:

"...You are My messenger carrying My Word which should be given to My servant John Paul, it is I who showed you how you will appear in My Domain. John Paul will not refuse you..." (the Pope seemed pleased to receive the books with the messages in his hands, and he did not refuse them).

6. Volume II, Trinitas, p.51. Handwritten notebook no.20, p.5:

"...take My Message to My servant John Paul, I will fulfil the prophecies of My servant Johannes, (Pope John XXIII called the Pope of Unity), prophecies which will come to light (about unity). I, the Lord, have foretold this event of My messenger and to whom I have entrusted My Word."

"You will speak from My Mouth and the mighty will fear, (the freemasons and the enemies of the Church), for I will speak of them, disarming them. My messenger will also speak of the tribulations that My Church will undergo. This revelation is My Voice. Recognize the Signs of the Times..."

I will not continue to add everything, since it is repetitive. But I wish to mention just where in the Volume II this message is repeated:

1. Volume II, Trinitas, p.56-57. Handwritten notebook no.20, p.27-29.

2. Volume II, Trinitas, p.64-65. Handwritten notebook no.20, p.56-58, 61.

3. Volume II, Trinitas, p.87. Handwritten notebook no.22, p.12.

4. Volume II, Trinitas, p.144. Handwritten notebook no.25, p.48.

Finally, I will deal with the deleted passage that this Easter has been partly accomplished. Jesus was asking the Greek Orthodox and the Anglicans to do the Stations of the Cross with John Paul II. As usual, Jesus was speaking in metaphors and this is why again I was advised by God to delete it because many would have misinterpreted this passage again.
Unity and Stations of the Cross.

Repeatedly God tells me that I am the sign of the future unity. By this He means that the unity between the Orthodox and Roman Catholics, will be lived as I live it with them (the Roman Catholics). When He tells me: "Unite them", He does not mean that I will have to run to the Pope and the Patriarch and tell them face to face: "Go and unite with your brother!" What He wants from me is to pray, pray, pray for the unity of the Church. All the sacrifices I could offer Him will go in the same balance of unity. All the penance and fasting I will do will go there too. All the sufferings, fatigues etc... will go for the unity too. Until the weight of the "balance" is heavy enough and pleasing to God, accumulated also by other instruments’ prayers and sacrifices for unity, only then, will unity come. So here is this passage from Volume II, Trinitas, p.37. Handwritten notebook no.19, p.16, dated December 6, 1987:

"Write Vassula: I the Lord wish you to honour My Stations of the Cross, introduce the light, (meaning to have candles). Vassula, will you ask My servant John Paul to do My Stations the way I have taught you, remember?" The Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople this Easter prepared ALL THE PRAYERS for the Stations of the Cross. "I desire to see you all three there," (meaning the Orthodox, the Anglicans and the Roman Catholics), "with My beloved John Paul, first honouring My Mother, offering Her a candle, then I wish to see your knees bend in all of My Stations, honouring Me by holding at My Stations a Light."

Then I asked: "Lord, `all three there?’, who do you mean Lord?"
"I wish to see My beloved servants there too, James and David."

In this message, it is obvious that Jesus speaks vaguely to the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and the Anglican Church of celebrating Easter altogether in the same date. Today I understand this message even more. The Stations of the Cross is really representing Easter. The Lord spoke in metaphors asking me and the other two to be together with the Pope and do the Stations of the Cross, but in reality, Christ was asking the three Churches to be together. This has now been accomplished. This past Easter, (1994), when the Pope went to do the Stations of the Cross in the Coliseum of Rome as every year, he invited the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew to be with him. As he could not go himself, he sent a representative from Constantinople, Archbishop Polikarpos. We all saw him as he was right behind the Pope. The prayers of the Patriarch Bartholomew were read out by Pope John Paul II. Present also was an Anglican Bishop, thus the 3 Churches were there as Jesus desired.

John Paul II then spoke a lot about unity and mentioning several times the Patriarch of Constantinople. John Paul II during Lent was speaking many times of UNIFYING THE DATES OF EASTER.

As for the other few messages that are deleted, they were deleted because God instructed me to do so. They are private messages given to individuals that do not concern the readers.

Why some individual words are changed

I received this message from the Eternal Father given to me in the early times and which will one day go out in print with the very early messages of my angel:

"Peace be with you. Any word you feel is not right and troubles you, feel free to correct it. I, God, give you the feeling. Vassula, are you happy?" (October 12, 1986).

"More than happy, overwhelmed." (I cannot describe it when I feel God’s Love on me).

I will give a couple of examples of where I changed individual words:

a. If the words "worship" have been changed to "venerate" it is because God permitted me to do so, as you have seen by now from what He had said. (By the way, the word "worship" was used instead of "venerate" in the old times. It does not mean "adore", but it meant to honour. It has been changed for the sake of misjudgement).

b. The word "Hades" has been changed into "purgatory", so that people may understand it better. Again with God’s permission. My soul is often exposed in purgatory where with the love I have for God and with my daily prayers for the souls, Jesus brings the souls out of purgatory to Him. This was one of the messages that was deleted in Volume I, Trinitas, p.38-39. Handwritten notebook no.8, p.1-2.

I have done what God asked me to do.

(April 1994)
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