Saturday 24 February 2024
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There is nothing new in the True Life in God messages, and everything can be found in the Bible

This objection to the authenticity of the True Life in God messages follows on from the response to the last objection. It goes: ‘If there is nothing new in the True Life in God messages, and everything that is said there can be found in the Bible, why would God bother giving us these messages? He has already told us everything we need to know in the Bible. If we want to know what God says, we can just look in there.’

The response to this objection is that if we all read the Bible then there would indeed probably be no need for the True Life in God messages. But most of us do not read the Bible. So God has to find another way of reaching out to us and calling us back to His Way. He does that through his prophets and mystics, who call out to each generation to repent, come back to God, and start reading the Bible.

Our generation can be compared to a child who has been taken by his father for a picnic near a cliff edge. The father warns the child not to go near the edge of the cliff. And there are plenty of warning signs around telling the child not to stray near the cliff. But disregarding his father’s warning, and the warning signs, the child wanders near the edge of the cliff and is in danger of falling over the edge. Would a loving father who saw this say to himself, ‘Well – he’s been given all the warnings he needs, if he falls over the edge of the cliff, it’s his own lookout.’ Of course not – he would call out to the child again and again, telling the child not to be foolish and come back from the edge. And that is what God is doing in the True Life in God messages.

My God, I have read somewhere that the reason the Church might be reluctant accepting private revelations is because all that there is to know is already in the Bible, so they do not accept any new revelation; I mean not new as theme, but new, apart from the Bible. Going out of this brings fear upon them, thinking the new or private revelation might lead them astray.
Vassula, when I see My creation bound to fall into My enemy’s pit, would I just sit and watch them fall without wanting to rush to their rescue? do you remember when I healed a dropsical man on a Sabbath? what had I asked the Pharisees?
Lord, I have to check the Bible.
fetch then My Word;
(I did, and checked Luke 14:1-6.)
yes, daughter, I asked, “is it against the Law to cure a man on the Sabbath or not?” they did not answer; I said, “which of you here, if his son falls into a well, or ox, will not pull him out on a Sabbath day without hesitation?” and to this day they could find no answer; today I am asking those who refuse this revelation this question: “is it against My Law in your era to save My creation from falling by My Providential Works of today?” Vassula, I am Jesus and Jesus means Saviour;
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